World Of Warcraft Tips and Tricks.

Leveling up faster
When you reach lvl 20, start doing quests you find because they level a lot faster than fighting monsters, and gets you more money.
Offensive/Defensive, Shapeshifting and easy to Solo with
Learn how to fish, cook, etc.
Go to a trainer and learn the basics. Once you're done with the basic learning, open your ability book. The ability you learned should be there. Drag the ability to your action bar. Once there, click on it and it will probably say what kind of items you need or where to go. REMEMBER: You must have the correct weapons to do this. For example, for fishing you will need a Fishing Rod; and for Mining you will need a Mining Pick. From there, once you reach a certain level in your abilities you can upgrade your weapons.
Priest tip
Defensive, most of the time hard to solo with
Rouge tip
Offensive, Uses Stealth Moves(Lv 3+) and Full Frontal Strikes, Great for Beginners
Warlock: Easy kills
When you are a Warlock, use your Fireballs and Drain Soul powers at a time on an enemy. You must do some quests to get some of these powers. REMEMBER: This works most, but not all, of the time.
Warrior tip
Offensive, best for beginners
Mage tip
Offensive, Uses - duh - Magic, Sometimes good for Beginners, other times good for Experianced Players
Make gold in low level area
Entry Location: Desolace. If you travel to Shadowprey Village in Desolace (Horde town, but Alliance can easily get past that), and you go out in the water and dive, you will find lots of cages on the bottom. Often these cages contain a Big Iron Fishing Pole that sells for 20-25g at Auction House! I found five of these in an hour. It's best to be a warlock or to use some breathing potions.
Defensive/Offensive, Uses Holy energy to fight and Heal, Great with Soloing.
Offensive/Defensive, Shapeshifting and easy to Solo with

Learn how to fish, cook, etc.
If you are a night-elf, it is not a wise idea to be a mage because mage night-elves are weakened by the night-saber and thistle boars in their continent