Ultimate Duping Bug!

How we’ve been getting all this money… it’s finally become public.

Well, our little trick has finally exploded into the public. We are rich now… so get in on this while you can. Heck, leave a few more hints here as well!
This only works early in the morning when the servers first load up, and the the instance server is still loading. Heavy-loaded servers work the best.
Although I have not tested them all, these areas are known to work -Deadmines, Wailing Caverns, Scarlet Monastary, and Maraudon
Do the Dupe:
    a. Player 1 hands player 2 a large amount of gold
    b. Player 1 goes into the instance. If the bug works, he/she will get kicked back out after a delay.  
    c. Player 1 will have the original amount of gold he had before he traded and player 2 will still have the traded gold he received as well. 
    d. Rince and Repeat
Now, go dupe, dupe, dupe. Buy items and sell them to hide the money. Who knows what warcraft is going to do about this…