World Of Warcraft Top Bot 2010

Automate your gameplay with the push of a button completely putting your Leveling, Battlegrounds, Gathering and Fishing on auto-pilot with our WoW Bots!
We have 3 different WoW bots for World of Warcraft for your use, WoWMimic Elite, WoWSilverbolt (WoWMimic Silverbolt), and WoWMimic PvPAdvance. WoWMimic elite provides you with a wow leveling and grinding bot, professions and fishing bot. WoW PvP Bot pvpadvanced only does Battlegrounds to obtain Honor which you can level with also. WoWMimic Silverbolt is a wow gathering bot that uses your flying mount to gather herbs and Ore. You may run up to 3 accounts at the same time with a WoWSilverbolt Key.

STOP Grinding, PvPing, Farming and Fishing Endlessly
STOP doing long Quests and Dailies
STOP purchasing Powerleveling and Gold
Botting to boost your character's level, gold, honor, professions, and even fishing for when you can't play.

    Why use a WoW Bot?
  • More time to attend to real life.
  • Don't fall behind friends or guild members.
  • Skip the long and boring grind.
  • Own an arsenal of high level characters.
  • Always have more then enough gold at your disposal.
  • Make real money by selling gold or powerleveling.

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ALL OF OUR BOTS RUN IN THE BACKGROUND! This means you can run multiple bots simultaneously and still use your computer while the software is enabled. And your character's spells are automatically recognized on your bar so no need to setup spells or move around your setup.

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